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If you’ve been hanging around here lately, you may have noticed a few posts I’ve done for Design Mom in her Perfect Gift column. Well, yesterday, it became really official. In addition to contributing to the column, I am also the editor. I coordinate and edit content from other fabulous DIY-ers and get it ready for posting. I am having a blast!

I am still pinching myself, I can hardly believe it. I count myself very blessed to work with Gabrielle, the Design Mom.

As part of joining her team, I was interviewed and the post went up yesterday. I really liked the questions. It didn’t seem so interview-y. Just a pleasant introduction. It is rather strange to see my mug up elsewhere. A little nerve wracking really.

So here is the link for the interview.

And here is a link for the Perfect Gift post. I hope to get a link up in the sidebar soon.

But first, there are some Oreos calling my name…

Take care.

P.S. We had our family photos taken this weekend. I hope to get them sorted and edited by the end of the week but we’ll see. There are only 200 to go through. :)

Thanks Dawn! And thanks Ann, the best assistant ever!

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