Winter Wonder: Extra Fancy Hot Chocolate

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Hot chocolate is a favorite treat during the cold months of the year. (This is our favorite recipe!) We don’t have it too often but when we do, I try to make it extra special whether it’s using special mugs, having it in our jammies or drinking it with just the Christmas lights on.

While cruising Pinterest, my creative heart skipped a beat when I saw these darling images 1, 2 and 3. I had wanted to make something like them during the holidays but didn’t. Luckily for us, it’s still cold.

Extra Fancy Hot Chocolate 4

Using my current favorite sugar cookie recipe and a frosting mix of confectionery sugar, vanilla, almond extract and milk, I made stars and snowflakes. After remembering how tedious and fragile snowflake cookies are, I decided the stars were the better choice for putting on the mug.

Extra Fancy Hot Chocolate 1

I cut notches to fit over the coffee mug handles before the cookies were baked though I did trim them a bit more afterwards as well. Then I frosted them in a few bright, happy colors and let the frosting set.

Extra Fancy Hot Chocolate 2

I think they would make darling mug charms for a party, don’t you think? All the mugs would be identifiable and the tags are edible!

Love Bug and Sweet J followed me around while I prepped these for photographing. They hovered around me, begging and begging. I said yes, but only after I got the photos. Looks like they didn’t mind the wait. :)

Extra Fancy Hot Chocolate 5

I tried another version, another idea I had in my head. Using the same cookie dough, I cut out a scalloped edge circle, just large enough to span the top of the mug. I used a second smaller scalloped circle to cut out the center. Once the cookies were baked and frosted, they made colorful toppers for the cocoa. And the center made a perfect spot of whipped cream. Mmmmm!

Extra Fancy Hot Chocolate 6

I got a little excited and didn’t snap a photo of the circle before I piled on the whipped cream so I had to deconstruct it afterwards.

Extra Fancy Hot Chocolate 9.1

Even after the deconstruction, it was still yummy!

Extra Fancy Hot Chocolate 10

Take care.

P.S. I have so much non-winter stuff to share! We had painters at our house all day Friday and things looking really great. The golden birthday party prep is in full gear too. But it’s going to have to wait. I’ll try to be patient. :)

P.S.S. Thank you to those who filled out the survey from last week. I really appreciate the insight into who you are and what interests you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! If you haven’t filled it out and want to, I’m going to leave up the link through the end of the week. You can find the brief survey here. Thanks!

Okay, enough! Have a great day!

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