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Up today is Amber from Damask Love and I adore her winter inspiration post. Adore it! I met Amber through an Alt class. My first creative love was paper crafting so it was inevitable that I would be enthralled by Amber’s work. And her blog is not just paper crafting; it’s filled with other fantastic DIYs as well. Check out DIY Busy Book for Little Hands, Showered with Love invitation and favor, striped cards, Rustic Winter Packaging and Gilded Monstera Leaf Placemat(!!!!). Adore! Welcome Amber!


Hello there! My name is Amber Kemp-Gerstel and you can find me at Damask Love where I share my obsession with paper crafting and all things DIY. I’m gonna be hijacking Amy’s blog for today, so I hope you don’t mind! I promise to make this interesting!

When Amy contacted me about guest posting for her Winter Wonder series, I jumped at the chance…then I panicked. I realized that everything image I have of winter is Christmassy. I guess that’s what happens when you live in Miami and have absolutely no clue about winter weather. When I think winter, I think of boughs of holly, gingerbread men and glittery ornaments. To get myself into a classic winter state of mind, I called on my own readers via the Damask Love Facebook page. Man, oh man, did they help me out!

Pine sprigs, flannel, burlap, birch trees, icy snowflakes…all of these conjure up the image of a beautiful rustic winter. I decided to take these images and combine them with my passion for paper. The result? A papercrafted box full of rustic winter goodness.

I love creating boxes full of handcrafted supplies that can be used to create beautiful cards and gift packaging. It’s tons of fun to curate a bunch of well coordinated supplies and then leave the creativity up to the recipient! Perfect for friends who may need a little help getting their crafty mojo going.


Each element of this wintery box is handmade, making it that much more awesome and fun to create! Here’s a rundown on each component:

{Burlap} Just grab a remnant of burlap fabric and stitch the edges to keep it from unraveling! Easy and oh so rustic!

{Buffalo Plaid Cards} I am a papercrafter and stamper at heart. I used a few of my stamping supplies to create this pattern. For details on how to stamp these, visit me today at Damask Love where I’m sharing more details on creating this ensemble!

{Wooden Tags} Grab a saw. Make some tags. Just that simple! I bought a birch branch at my local florist and sawed the thickest part into discs to create these tags. I stamped each one with a simple phrase and added twine to the tops.

{Pine Sprig Tassels} These tassels totally remind me of pine sprigs, but they won’t leave a sappy mess in your house! Paper tassels are easy to make. Just create fringe on the edge of the paper then roll it into a tassel. Secure with glue and add string to the tops.

{Glitter Bead Berries} Of all the elements of this box, these “berries” were my proudest moment. I wanted to include holly berries, but it turns out that they are pretty hard to come by when you are crafting away at 2am. Instead, I took some small plastic beads, painted them red then rolled them around in red glitter! Instant holly berries!

{Kraft Paper Bags} I always keep a roll of kraft paper on hand. You can use it for everything…including cute little kraft bags like these. I folded the kraft paper into a rectangle then stitched across the bottom. Easy peasy.

{Wood Hearts & Wood Plaques} Most craft stores carry sheets of wood. I cut mine into hearts and plaques. The possibilities are definitely endless with these cuties.

{Paper Snowflakes} These were definitely the easiest to make! I just used my Martha Stewart Himalayan Snowflake punch and went to town.



With these supplies, you can create lots of beautiful rustic winter paper pretties. Here’s a peek at how I styled mine:


I hope you’ll join me at Damask Love for more ideas for using this box full of winter!

What a gorgeous winter box! If I didn’t know any better, I would say a seasoned winter-er put this together. :) Thanks Amber!

Check out other fabulous stuff by Amber here.

Take care.

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