Winter Wonder: Wooden Snowmen Garland

Wooden Snowmen Garland 7

I have a snowman collection.

There. I said it.

It’s not as sizable as it once was and, as far as collections go, it’s on the small side but I do have one. They are packed away and haven’t been let out the last few years because of the curious hands I have in the house. I don’t remember how the collection began but I do remember receiving some favorites as birthday gifts over the years. I think once it starts it snowballs (like snowmen! Haha!).

Wooden Snowmen Garland 8

My mom always did a great job making my birthday special. I remember hot chocolate and cookies, I think there was a sledding party or two and, of course, winter-themed DIY projects. :)

One of my favorite projects was a snowman made from a wooden stick, wrapped with a darling plaid flannel scarf and topped with a plaid flannel hat. It had a cinnamon dough nose and painted-on eyes. Even after all these years, they are still one of my favorites in the collection.

Wooden Snowmen Garland 9

I thought they would make a cute garland. I made a few changes. Couldn’t find a cute plaid flannel (though I think snowmen are cute in red) and kept them really simple.

Wooden Snowmen Garland 10


-wooden sticks
-white paint, red optional
-knit gloves
-pom poms
-flannel material cut in strips
-orange marker
-scissors, sand paper, glue gun, X-acto knife, large needle

Wooden Snowmen Garland 1

Paint the sticks white on both sides. Once they have dried, sand the edges a little for a cleaner look.

Wooden Snowmen Garland 2

Cut the finger tips off the knit gloves to make hats. Attach pom poms to make them even cuter. :)

Wooden Snowmen Garland 3

Use the X-acto knife to cut triangles for darling ‘carrot’ noses. Use the permanent marker to make them orange. Hot glue in place.

Wooden Snowmen Garland 4

Wrap each snowy guy with a flannel scarf.

Wooden Snowmen Garland 5

Then string them up on the thread.

Wooden Snowmen Garland 6

Happy little snowmen, all in a row.

Wooden Snowmen Garland 11

Take care.

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