Winter Wonder with Swell and Stylish

Rachel of Swell and Stylish is here to help close this series down today. On her blog, she shares vintage finds, style tips, neat products and scouting on various locales around our shared state. Again, I enjoy people who find cool stuff and put it all together so it’s even more visually appealing. Rachel is one of those people. I like this little lady collection, little details, coffee mug love, mustard love (which is close to gold :) and, lastly, el ninos. And today’s is wonderfully winter. Welcome Rachel!

Hello, friends! I’m Rachel, a Minnesotan who has the reigns over at Swell and Stylish. As cold as it gets here in Minnesota sometimes it’s a bit more tolerable with a few of my favorite things. Today I’ll be sharing with you some of those winter favorites! Without these things, I’d be a haute mess! (really!)


Here are my 8 essentials to a lovely winter!
1. Tea / My favorite is Passion by Tazo.
2. A good lipstick to brighten up your dazzling face / My favorite is Russian Red by M.A.C.
3. Lip balm to avoid cracked skin / My absolute favorite is Rosebud Salve.
4. A heavy duty button up cardigan to put on for almost any occasion / My favorite is vintage but similar to this one.
5. A pair of aviators will go make any trip outside a bit more fashionable / I love my Michael Kors Aviators.
6. A head wrap or turban to tame that mane when you’re out and about / This one by Nicole Miller caught my eye.
7. A nice pom pom beanie to warm your soul / This double pom pom beanie is adorable!
8. A way to walk in warmth with some serious toe saving boots / Sorel Joan of Arctic boots are my current favorites!

For those of you who live in the colder parts of the World, I’d love to hear your winter essentials. Feel free to comment below or visit me at Swell and Stylish.

Thanks for having me over here today Amy! Happy January!

I really love that beanie! Thanks Rachel!

Check out other fabulous stuff by Rachel here.

Take care.

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