Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnut Muffins for My Valentines

Valentine Donuts 5

How about a little holiday twist on one of our favorite sweets?

We big-red-puffy-heart LOVE cinnamon-sugar donut muffins. We find it hard not to eat a whole batch when they are hot from the oven. Sometimes we have restraint, other times, not so much. Since we love them so much, I thought they would make a perfect Valentine treat.

Valentine Donuts 7.2

It is a simple change. Food coloring!

Valentine Donuts 1

I added a few drops (2-3 drops per batch) of pink food coloring to make a very light pink batter. The color darkens as it bakes so keep the color light!

Valentine Donuts 2

Like with every batch, make sure to both butter (cooking spray) and flour the muffin tins. This is basically a requirement. Unless you like decapitated muffins or muffin crumbles. Been there, done that. Not a happy time.

Another secret, another almost requirement – use a small scoop to measure out the muffin batter. It’s faster, it’s easier and having perfect measurement is key to making perfectly sized muffins.

Valentine Donuts 3

When the batter is all scooped, it’s time for the oven. Another tip – do not over bake. Another lesson learned the hard way. I have adjust the cook tip on the original recipe so you don’t have to suffer through burned muffins. It’s too sad.

Once they are fully, yet not overly baked, run a knife around each muffin to release it and dump them out. Then into the butter bath and cinnamon-sugar sprinkle. Pure flavor love. We added a handful of  pink sanding sugar for extra holiday-ness.

Valentine Donuts 4

I promise your Valentine will love these. There are few people who could resist the pull of these sweet things.

Valentine Donuts 8

You might as well make yourself a batch while you’re add it. You are a very special Valentine too.

Valentine Donuts 6

Take care.

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5 thoughts on “Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnut Muffins for My Valentines

  1. These are now my go-to work treat day treat! Everyone LOVES them. I usually make them in a regular sized muffin tin and my only complaint is that then it onlys make 12. :) Gotta get one of those scoops! Thanks for sharing this :)

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