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April Snow

Happy Sunday!

I’m a little late here with my Friday post. I blame the weather. We’ve had a veeeeeeeeerrry long stretch here with no sun and, yes, snow. It is the weirdest thing to look at the snow fall, feel that winter feeling and then remember that it’s actually springtime, mid-April. The repetitive gray days make me want to stay in bed and watch movies. There are about 30 robins outside my window hopping around on the snow-covered ground and sitting on the ice-covered tree branches. Think it’s fair to assume we are sharing similar thoughts, thought I’m not sure the robins position on profanity. :)

Links to check:

Things for which I’m thankful:

  • Warm clothes, boots and heat. Even in this month.
  • Snuggles and togetherness.
  • Solitude and quiet.
  • Hope.

Here’s to some sun……some day soon.

Take care.

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