Cookie Cutter Stamped Wrapping Paper

Stamped Wrapping Paper 1

Today is the day! My Love Bug turns the big 5. MJ and I decorated with balloons and streamers in her favorite colors, pink and purple and there is cake and gift opening for later in the day. And if the sun would grace us with its presence, that would be nice. Of course, Love Bug is beaming enough herself. :)

Stamped Wrapping Paper 7

Speaking of gifts, I was inspired to make wrapping paper for the occasion after realizing I had none….. so I guess it was more out of necessity. Haha! I had a few remnants of paper I liked but nothing big enough to wrap her gifts. The paper used funky type to spell out ‘happy birthday’ and I figured out I could do something similar with cookie cutters.

Stamped Wrapping Paper 2

Here’s how it’s done.


-rolls of plain kraft paper
-cookie cutters

Stamped Wrapping Paper 3

Unroll the paper, dip the cutters in the paint and start stamping. I varied the width of the letters by flipping over the letters that work in reverse (H, T, Y, I etc). Spell out the birthday person’s name or age (however, people over a certain age might not appreciate it as much as the littles) or use initials.

Stamped Wrapping Paper 4

And letters don’t have to be used just letters. Than can be used to for their shape to make patterns.

Stamped Wrapping Paper 5

I think this would be perfect for Christmas or wedding wrap too. Think of the messages and color combination possibilities!

Stamped Wrapping Paper 6

After the paper is dried, wrap up the gifts and beg that the practice of gentle, paper-saving unwrapping be used on your creation. :)

Happy birthday to my first born babe. It has been an exciting five years. Love you more than I ever thought possible.

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