Before We Go…

Birthday Cake 1

We hosted our very first friends birthday party this weekend. Love Bug had a wonderful time (as did the rest of us!) and I took a very long and well deserved nap afterwards. The details are up tomorrow!

Birthday Cake 2

Above is Bug’s birthday cake from her actual birth day, with just the four of us. It’s a chocolate cake with this frosting I use for every cake because I love it so. I used a round tip to make all the bubbles around the side. We used colored chocolate sprinkles by Wilton on the top. It was a little tedious but the end result is awesome. Bug loved it. And so did the rest of us because it was tasty!

Links to check:

  • I love nerdy, geeky stuff like these maps that illustrate how words are spoken geographically around the country.
  • One of the best Father’s Day gift possibilities I’ve found for the manly food lover in your life.
  • Watched this movie last night and really enjoyed it.

Things for which I am thankful:

  • My babies.
  • The unabashed joyful way that children see the world.

See you back here on Monday.

Take care.

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