DIY with Design Mom: Tricycle Car Wash

Tricycle Car Wash 1

Have I got the best summer project for you over on Design Mom! It’s a tricycle car wash made of PVC pipe and it’s provided hours and hours of fun!

Tricycle Car Wash 4

It’s like water heaven for the little ones.

Tricycle Car Wash 2

I had never worked with PVC before and was nervous so I begged my friends to help. Food and libations are a good bargaining tool. :) Thank you so much Gs, Cs and Ks!!

Tricycle Car Wash 3

It was a hot afternoon while we worked so when MJ forced me through the water, it was felt great! I went back through a few times, dragging each of my children with me.

Tricycle Car Wash 6

We have turned on the car wash almost every day since we assembled it and keep inviting friends over to play!

Tricycle Car Wash 5

Head on over to Design Mom for the full tricycle car wash tutorial with printable directions!

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15 thoughts on “DIY with Design Mom: Tricycle Car Wash

  1. This is fantastic!
    (We’re on water restrictions because we’re in a drought, but I think think we can get away with watering the lawn AND washing trikes all at the same time!)

  2. I’ve been meaning to check out your post on Design Mom all week! Finally got to it. So fun! I’m hoping my little guy gets over his fear of showers/sprinklers soon so we can make one of these someday.

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