Felt Pot & Pan Pads

Felt Pot & Pan Pads | this heart of mine

In our house, there are very few material items I would label precious or irreplaceable. I save those titles for the people who live here with me. :) I do like the things in my home, like our comfy couch, the rusted metal credenza, our bed and the electronic devices, but none of it brings on anxiety at the thought of it getting ruined or broken. If things do get spilled on, ripped, worn out or destroyed, I know there are other items to replace them.

That being said, a few years ago, after the passing of my paternal grandmother, I was gifted a small amount of money which I used towards buying a quality set of pots and pans and I adore them immensely. For years, I got along with cheap and second-hand versions. They worked just fine and they would have worked fine until whenever but I dreamed about nice cookware and thanks to the money gift, I was able to get them.

Felt Pot & Pan Pads | this heart of mine

I did so much research on what to buy, where to buy, I watched for deals and sales, I read reviews and comments. And when they arrived in the mail, I made sure the whole house knew they needed to handle them with care. No abrasive scrubbing, no pretend play (they have real versions to play with in the play kitchen) and careful storage.

They are stored all stacked together because that is what storage we have. I layered in pieces of felt because I didn’t want them to scratch but the felt pieces needed an upgrade.

Felt Pot & Pan Pads | this heart of mine

With a printable pattern, you can keep your pots and pans cozy too. Here’s how:


-felt (I used two colors but one works)
printable pattern
-pins, scissors, sewing machine

*No sewing machine? You could use fabric glue or hot glue to secure the layers.

Felt Pot & Pan Pads | this heart of mine

Print out the pattern four times and cut out. Attach the tabs. A’s go with B’s.

Felt Pot & Pan Pads | this heart of mine

Once the pattern is together, use it to trace around on the felt. The square portion is optional. If you want to incorporate it, fold the taped together pattern into fourths, so all the points are stacked on each other. Then cut on the red line on the front shape. Doing it this way will ensure a good square.

Then cut out the shape. I used pins to hold my felt together so I could cut them at the same time.

Felt Pot & Pan Pads | this heart of mine

Sew them together. Use a straight stitch. Hand sew it! Try one of those cool stitches on the machine if your machine has ’em. And again, if you don’t have a machine, fabric glue or hot glue will work too.

Felt Pot & Pan Pads | this heart of mine

Trim up the edges and they’re done! Stack up your pots and pans, knowing they are safe.

Felt Pot & Pan Pads | this heart of mine

Happy Saturday!

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14 thoughts on “Felt Pot & Pan Pads

  1. What a great ideal. I’ve finally decided to break out my good pots for use and have been contemplating buying the pads from Lakeland but these are way better.

  2. Hi I really like these they look great! I just wanted to know do we sew the 2 felt pieces together and then turn them the other way and then do a decorative stitch or do we just put the 2 felt pieces together and do a decorative stitch on top?

  3. Thanks for the pattern. I have got paper towels in between my pans right now, but am going to have some really nice layers in between now.

  4. I made these and they came out cute. Mine came out to be about 17 inches by 17 inches. I wanted a cute pattern for one side so I used flannel and for the other side I used felt.
    To make 8 of them I used 2 yards of 42 inch flannel and 1.25 yards of 72 inch felt.

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