Cookie Advent

Cookie Advent | this heart of mine

With Thanksgiving falling so late in November this year, I’m breaking my own holiday-order rule: I’m posting about Christmas before T-day has passed. Until now, I’ve held firm this rule and waited to listen to Christmas music, put up Christmas decor and talk about holiday projects until after Thanksgiving is over. It’s small percentage principal and larger percentage sanity saver. I just don’t think I can merry or bright by Christmas if I start any earlier. But this year is different. I have a lot I want to share so I’m starting early, with projects only. Last week it was the ornaments and this week is full of them. Forgive me this time, rule abiders. I promise I’ll do better next year. On to an edible advent calendar.

Let me start by saying advent calendars aren’t a common practice in our house. I adore scrolling through the ideas but they aren’t something we do regularly. However, I had an idea for a cookie advent and just had to see it through. With my anti-stuff policy, the best thing about this calendar is there is nothing left when it’s over. Just sugar-laced smiles.

Cookie Advent | this heart of mine

Sugar cookies are something I make once, maybe twice a year so this one time, I went all out. I adore my letter set and with them created a holiday message advent calendar. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is one of my most favorite songs of the season and a lovely sentiment.

Cookie Advent | this heart of mine

The ‘calendar’ is very simple to do and easily modified to your wishes.


-favorite cookie recipe (I used the first one listed here)
-favorite frosting recipe (I used this one, with a little bit of almond extract)
-food coloring, sprinkles
-treat bags and labels

Cookie Advent | this heart of mine

Choose a message or children’s names or every holiday-themed shapes. Then, make sure there is at least one for everyday, if not two or six for everyone involved. Decorate with frosting and sprinkles and allow to dry if necessary.

Cookie Advent | this heart of mine

Slip the cookies into treat baggies and label with numbers 1-25.

Because my message was extra long and because each package needed to have two cookies for Bug and J, I had to fuss with the order a bit. It’s not quite as striking as the first image but it’s still readable. And readability is only an issue for me, the other have sugar cookies in their sites.

Cookie Advent | this heart of mine

The display is up to you. Our are up like this on my workroom door, just high enough, Sweet J can’t reach them (except if he gets the stool). :) If you forgo the letter message, you can store them in a pretty basket and keep them on the coffee or dining table. Festive, edible decor.

Cookie Advent | this heart of mine

Merry, Merry, Yum!

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6 thoughts on “Cookie Advent

  1. This is such a cute idea! While first reading, I thought you made a different message for each day…that “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” was for Day 1! Yikes. Now THAT would be a lot of cookies!
    I don’t think I have time to pull this off this year, but I’ve got it in my sights for next.

  2. Love this idea. Out of season but wish I had some cookies right now to snack in bed!! Come on! I know, it’s only 8:00 but it has been dark here for almost three hours!!

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