Plaster Flower Magnets

Plaster Flower Magnets | this heart of mine

Plaster flowers are still on my adore-it list. I continue to be haunted by their frozen silhouette, their ethereal beauty. And to think, all they are is cheap plastic flowers coated in plaster! So simple with such an expensive-looking result. A few months back, I shared a post on plaster flower votives but these magnets were my first attempt at plaster dipping. Aren’t they adorable?! Since making them, they’ve resided in one of the metal letters on my work room wall and I look at them every single day.

Plaster Flower Magnets | this heart of mine

These particular faux flowers are a super cheap brand but you wouldn’t know it looking at them post plaster-dip. Plaster is one of my favorite mediums so if you haven’t tried working with it yet, this might just be the project for you. Mess can be fun.

Plaster Flower Magnets | this heart of mine


-faux flowers*
-container to hold plaster, stir stick
-scissors or wire cutters
-super glue (I use epoxy)

*Just about any kind of flower will do, from super cheap to not cheap at all. Plaster is a weighty materials and will flatten stems with feathery petals. Stick with blooms with larger, stiffer petals for best results.

Plaster Flower Magnets | this heart of mine

First, remove any extra leaves on the stem of the faux flower, they will just get in the way. Then follow the manufacturer’s directions to mix the plaster in the container. Dip the faux bloom fully into the plaster. When it’s good and coated, pull it out and shake it vigorously to dispel any extra plaster. Check the coverage. If it needs another dip, repeat the process.

When the bloom is well coated, allow to full dry. I like to hang mine upside down.

Plaster Flower Magnets | this heart of mine

When the plaster is dry, clip the wire stem from the base of the flower head. Try to get the bottom of the bloom as flat as possible. Then use a strong glue to attach a magnet. Stick to any metal surface.

Plaster Flower Magnets | this heart of mine

If you are so inclined, wrap up a few and tie it with a big red bow. Red bows are the best.

Plaster Flower Magnets | this heart of mine

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  1. Amy, your flowers look beautiful! I have tried this process twice – trying to make the plaster flower votives. How did you get the plaster to stick to all parts of the petals – close to the center and outward? I have been having trouble with this part. It coats just a little but I can’t get the original color to get covered in plaster. It tends to come off when i try to dip it again. If you know of any other tutorials that addresses this issues or if you have any of your own tips to share, I would greatly appreciate it!

    thanks for reading,


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