Bow Tie [Root] Beer for Dad

Bow Tie [Root] Beer for Dad | this heart of mine

Father’s Day is coming soon; I have the best (and simplest) (and easiest) (and cutest) idea for you.

I tend to lean towards consumable items for non-birthday gifts. As a non-stuff person, I like the idea the gift won’t take up space for too long. I like to make things, people like to eat and drink; I’m happy, they’re happy. These bow-tied root beers are just perfect – a consumable gift with a handmade touch.

Bow Tie [Root] Beer for Dad | this heart of mine

The inspiration for this project came from this image; the polka dots did me in. I used IBC Root Beer mostly for its subtly branded bottle. And its red lid. :) However, I also fixed up a pack of pale ale for MJ and they look just as snazzy. The ties work on anything.


-bow tie pasta
-hot gun

Bow Tie [Root] Beer for Dad | this heart of mine

Paint the pasta. Make some cute bow ties. Allow them to dry completely.

Use a dot of hot glue and attach the ties to the bottle.

Give to Dad. (Smile at the delightfulness.)

Bow Tie [Root] Beer for Dad | this heart of mine

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