Two-Tone Dipped Mugs

Two-Tone Dipped Mugs | this heart of mine

I ordered a lovely set of two-tone dipped mugs online, a sweet Black Friday deal. After it was confirmed they were mine, I was notified they were on back-order and then eventually, I received an email to tell me the mugs were unfortunately all gone. I was bummed. But then I remembered that I make stuff and making ‘dipped’ mugs would be a cinch. Plus, I could make them exactly the colors I wanted, which, obvious from the photos, is various hues of red to berry.

Two-Tone Dipped Mugs | this heart of mine

If you aren’t looking to make for yourself at this time, let me assure you these mugs make a great gift item. Package them with a variety of teas and a pretty spoon or combine the mug with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and a candy cane!

Two-Tone Dipped Mugs | this heart of mine


-Pebeo Porcelaine Paint
-ruler or measured post-it
-paint brush
-tape, painters or otherwise

Two-Tone Dip Mugs | this heart of mine

First, mark the line to which to paint to. Instead of using my ruler (and having it slide all over the place), I cut a post-it note 2-inches wide and used it as my measuring tool. The tacky back stuck in place and was easier to use than my ruler. Also, I found it easier to measure from the top down.

Two-Tone Dip Mugs | this heart of mine

Adhere tape around the mug aligned with your lines.

Two-Tone Dip Mugs | this heart of mine

Apply paint.

Two-Tone Dip Mugs | this heart of mine

Remove tape before curing in the oven. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for dry time and curing time and temp. Once cured, fill with your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Two-Tone Dipped Mugs | this heart of mine

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18 thoughts on “Two-Tone Dipped Mugs

  1. Fantastic idea! And so simple. Have you played around with different designs? I’m sure these are better than the ones you would have gotten online anyway ;)

  2. I really love all your ideas! And i have to tell you Thank You so much for share it !!
    I like the red mug , and i will try to do it like a present .
    Have a good week!!


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  3. Hello! I have a question! what is the durability of the color on the mugs? is it like the markers that as soon as you wash them a coulple of times it starts so fade?

    thank you


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