Faux Flower Headband

We are a family a five now! Hurray! While we get accustomed to our new normal, I’ve invited a few of my talented friends to share a post with you. I am so thankful for their help and excited to share their work. Up today is Melissa of Lulu the Baker!

Faux Flower Headbands with Lulu the Baker | this heart of mine

Hi lovely readers! I’m Melissa from Lulu the Baker, and I’m delighted to be guest posting for Amy while she snuggles her newest Pipsqueak. When Amy first asked if I’d like to write a post for her, I knew I wanted to do something beautiful and Springy. I’d had these flower headbands in my mind for literally an entire year and decided that there was no time like the present!

I love the look of those lush, over-the-top floral crowns that have been all over the internet lately. They are absolutely gorgeous. The only down side to them is that they don’t last forever. But these faux flower versions do! They’re just as extravagant and show-stopping as the ones made with fresh flowers, but they’re lots more durable and quite a bit longer-lasting. And so simple to make.

Faux Flower Headbands with Lulu the Baker | this heart of mine

Faux Flower Headbands with Lulu the Baker | this heart of mine

faux flowers from the craft store (If you wait until they go on sale or use a coupon, you can get the really fancy, very realistic ones for pretty cheap.)
headbands with teeth (The flowers make the headbands pretty heavy, and the teeth help keep your lovely crown from falling off.)
hot glue

Faux Flower Headbands with Lulu the Baker | this heart of mine

1. Pop the heads of the flowers off. I only had trouble with one flower. The rest all came off very easily AND stayed together. Inspect each flower first, and if it looks like it might fall apart if you pop the head off, use a pair of scissors or wire cutters to snip the head off instead.
2. Lay the headband out on a clean work surface, and experiment with the flowers in different arrangements until you find one you like. I switched things up quite a bit even in the middle of this photo shoot!
3. Hot glue flowers one at a time onto the headband. I actually put the headband on, figured out where I wanted the first flower to go, and then took everything off and started gluing. A quick tip: if you are doing an asymmetrical arrangement, start close to your ear and build up from there. If you are doing a symmetrical one, start with the center flower and build down each side. Nobody wants a lopsided headband!
4. Allow the glue to dry and voila! A party-worth floral headband that will last all night and beyond!

Faux Flower Headbands with Lulu the Baker | this heart of mine

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