Monster S’mores Bar

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

Halloween is this week and I’ve gotten as far as laying out the fabric for the children’s costumes on the floor. Eek! However, we did make monster s’mores with a couple of neighbor kids last week so I’m not totally failing this holiday. There were lots of giggles and “Look at my monster’s face!” yelps and many chocolaty, marshmallowy smiles. It’s really easy to do and doesn’t require any cooking on your part, aside from a few toasty moments with the broiler. There’s just enough time left before Halloween to get it in and I promise, it will be fun.

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

Now, before you get worried that your monsters won’t look perfect or be “right”, let me assure you – no one cares. As the children made their faces, a couple cookies broke, monster faces smeared, eyeballs dripped, but they didn’t care. They laughed and ate them! It’s just fun to make (and eat) together.

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

For our s’mores bar, I kept the flavors fairly basic: chocolate, marshmallows and peanut butter. With those flavors in mind, I picked a variety of fixings and monster-making ingredients (with a few extra flavors mixed in for fun). Think about what you like as per s’mores. Are you a traditionalist or do you like to experiment? There are so many s’more options out there.

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

S’more Bar:

-graham crackers
-various cookies – chocolate chip, butter, fudge stripe
-chocolate bars
-peanut butter cups
-chocolate hazelnut spread
-peanut butter
-almond butters
-marshmallows: minis, regular & large
-flavored marshmallows
-chocolate chips
-peanut butter chips
-chocolate drops
-mini chocolate sandwich cookies
-anything you want to put in your s’mores!!

-kitchen sheers
-cookie sheet

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

-Cover a cookie sheet and build the s’mores on it. It’s easy to transfer the sheet to the oven for toasting. Put all the fixings on one too. Keeps things neater.

-Use kitchen sheers to cut down the marshmallows.

-The big marshmallows brown too quickly for the inside to get soft and gooey. Cut them in half to ensure full gooey-ness.

-Add eyeballs (chocolate/peanut butter chips) after broiling.

-Add antennae (pretzels) after broiling as well. Sandwich them between the toasted marshmallows and the top.

We found it best to make the tops and bottoms separately. Add the fixings to the bottom of the s’more and make the monster face on the top. Once the parts are ready, pop them under the broiler until the marshmallows are warm and toasted, then stack the two halves together for a delicious treat.

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

There are so many possibilities.

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

Even the mistakes can still be monstrous (a good thing!)

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

So invite over your friends and enjoy!

Monster S'more Bar | this heart of mine

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