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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For all the hype, we don’t have big plans for today. Kind of a life-as-usual thing. Life-as-usual dressed in fantastic red. :)

Making pizza for dinner, hopefully heart-shaped. The preschool treats are done, the teachers gifts are finished and we decorated cookies yesterday for ourselves and some friends. Family treats are not sent yet… sorry. Love Bug’s treats are done up too.

I strung up some red and white balloons over our table that made Love Bug’s eyes sparkle.

Bug’s wearing her shirt and pants for school today and, just to stay with the theme, Sweet J is dressed up too. I know he would feel left out if he wasn’t.

I saved the best for last. A Valentine for MJ.

The idea is from here but I gave it my own twist. We are currently loving cinnamon bear candy and it fit just perfectly for this treat.

Pretty simple and it gets the point across.

Love you MJ.

Take care.

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