Before We Go…

It’s been a full week. I am tired in all ways possible and I don’t seen much change in that until August. But I’m excited. Having my mom here was helpful and wonderful and I have a good start on some newer pieces for the art show. I hope to share some progress pictures soon. It was too gray and wet yesterday to get photos.

Earlier in the week, we enjoyed a few pristine days and managed to eat outside together for dinner one night. Sweet J showcased his throwing prowess. I had to document it because it’s just so cute . At least we think it is.

The release.

The follow through.

What happened in your week?

Links to check:

  • Small stuff is always cuter. Pinwheels are no exception.

Posts from the week:

Remember, the Sum Sum Summertime series starts next Wednesday! Are you ready for the sunshine-y inspiration?

Things For Which I’m Thankful:

  • I get to see and be with my children most of the time.
  • My momma. The one, the only. For all she does and is.
  • For rain.
  • Kind friends and good food.


Have a great weekend.

Take care.

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