DIY with Design Mom: Marbling with Nail Polish

Nail Polish Marbling ac2

I learned a fabulous new use for finger nail polish – marbling!! – and I shared it over on Design Mom. Nail polish can be used to marble just about anything you want. Crazy, huh? Metal, papier maché, wood, glass, everything is game. And it’s so easy, albeit a bit stinky. :)

Nail Polish Marbling ac1

So head on over to Design Mom for the full tutorial.

Take care.

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10 thoughts on “DIY with Design Mom: Marbling with Nail Polish

      1. Nail polish remover will get the polish off of your sink. I saw small sections of color when I dumped my tub of water when I was done. One swipe of polish remover and my white sink is white again!

  1. My nail polish dries to quick. When I drag a tooth pic threw it it clumps up . I do it fast but I can’t get a design in it

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