Perfect Gift with Design Mom: Painted Egg Cartons

Egg Carton Gift Box 1

I found a fun way to use egg cartons on Design Mom. Since there is a chance you have a few more laying around this time of year, you can easily do this project.

Egg Carton Gift Box 3

The cartons are perfectly made to hold some cute little gifts and treats. Even cascarones.

Egg Carton Gift Box 2

Click on over to see the full and very simple tutorial on Design Mom!

Take care.

P.S. I apologize for being a day late on this but there are two winners in the giveaway last week! Was it you?

P.S.S. Spring break is in full effect. In spite of the newest snow accumulation, we are living it up. Cleaning out closets and cupboards, reorganizing and reordering all our clothing. Great fun! I can see the top of my desk now and the piles are slightly diminished. I am buying paint today for my work room. I don’t want to paint but I gotta. :)

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