How to Have a “Goods” Summer

How to Have a "Goods" Summer | this heart of mine

So. Summer is coming. I know that. But I might have put it a bit too far out of my mind because when Love Bug told me yesterday she had five days of school remaining, my vision went blurry for a few moments and I got light-headed. FIVE DAYS?! What?! Oh my goodness. I can feel my brain melting already. I know I’m not the only one. Very soon, lots of school children will head into an 80 day weekend (approximately). And the question to be answered is how to fill it all that time.

In my last post, I mentioned I created a new site called The Goods. The Goods offers email subscriptions about Making and Eating (and Living, eventually). Our subscriptions deliver curated projects and recipes right to your inbox. They include things like printable illustrated directions and recipe cards, printable material checklists and pantry/grocery lists and links to materials because we want to make it really, really easy to ACTUALLY do our projects and make our recipes. No judging here. We’ve all have the endless pin boards and bookmark links. But let’s make it happen for real this time.

Right now, The Goods offers four subscriptions to assist you and yours through summer.


Summer Making: Age 2-5 is a 10-week email subscription of projects for children, age 2-5 delivered once a week on Wednesdays.


Summer Making: Age 6-12 is a 10-week email subscription of projects for children, age 6-12 delivered once a week on Wednesdays.


Summer Lunching is a 10-week email subscription of lunch menu planning for summer delivered once a week on Thursdays.


The Stress Less Momma is a Facebook group of smart, witty mommas. Find inspiration posts, resources for activities and bits of humor daily.

For more details, check out the links and definitely sign up.

How to Have a "Goods" Summer | this heart of mine

The Goods came about because I wanted to help. I wanted to help the busy, multi-tasking, probably overwhelmed persons who want to make and cook and do cool things, like myself. This was the way I thought I could help. And I hope it does.

How to Have a "Goods" Summer | this heart of mine

**I almost forgot the coupon! From now until Monday May 30th at 11:59pm, use the code SUMMER2016 for $4 off one subscription. Whoo hoo!

Come join us. We’d love to have you.

PS. My friend MJ of Pars Caeli has her own series called The Summer Explorers. Lots of things to do in many themes. Check it out!

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