Turnabout Give-Away Winners

It’s Friday! Time to announce some winners!

First up, winner of “hope/determination”:

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Michelle Sauer, who said:

“I love the “faith” “inspire” one, but “hope” and “determination” describe me much more!  So to put it simply, I’d love either!  What a great give away!”

And the second winner of the “inspire/faith” charm:

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Susie, who said:

I had a very hard time picking one as they are both wonderful and I can always picture the perfect person to give it to. I guess if I have to choose, I would choose the hope/determination. The colors are fantastic and the inspirational message is inspiring. They are all the ‘cats pajamas’ in my book. Dawn is an amazing creator. Thanks for sharing your talent to one who has very little in the creative juice category.

Congrats to both Michelle and Susie on your winnings! Please check your email for a message from me.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Don’t be sad if you didn’t win. There is a Turnabout charm picture link in my sidebar so click to get the information anytime.

Thanks again to Dawn for providing for the give-away!

Take care.

-amy c

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