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As I said yesterday, 2013 was another grand year of life and a wonderful year for this blog. I enjoy reflecting back, seeing all we did as a family and all I did here. I grew in many ways last year and in looking back, I feel I grew as a photographer and stylist. I am not perfect or an expert in any way, but I learned how to take pictures I like to look at. Yesterday was all about the 10 most visited posts of the year but 10 is nothing compared to the 248 I posted. It would be such a shame not to call out a few more, right?! Here are a few of my faves from the year.

Favorite Food Posts

Bring on the cutlery! • The lemon cake with vanilla whipped cream is absolutely delicious, dreamy even. It’s part lemon so I’m classifying it a fruit. Eat up! • Galette dough is good anytime (it really is, you must try it) and topped with sweet-tasting caramelized onions and salty goat cheese, it’s amazing. • The margherita pasta pairs one of my favorite flavorings – basil, tomato and mozzarella – with the comfort-food-ness of pasta. I need to make this again soon. • And the sinful s’mores. Not only do they taste good and look good, but I truly enjoyed concocting them, especially the cashew caramel version for MJ. He really enjoyed them.

Favorite Food Posts 2013 | this heart of mine

Favorite Project Posts

Making is what I do so it’s hard to pick just a few. These particular posts turned out better than I thought they would which is always a pleasant surprise. • The polymer clay face magnets turned out absolutely adorable. I have them stuck above my desk and their likeness makes me think of the real people. Except for MJ’s. His is bad. Haha! • The second-hand bowls with a bit of gold leaf are gorgeous. They have no job aside from looking pretty at this time and that is okay • Using a paper punch on paper strip turned simple paper sculptures into lacy globes. I love the punched paper balls with the sun peeking through. • The car & tree ornament so cute and I’m keeping it out all year long!

Favorite Project Posts 2013 | this heart of mine

Favorite Collaboration Posts

Not all of my work is posted on my site but I can still have favorites. • The paper ribbon garlands were fun to put together, even the teensy tiny one. I really liked the color story too. • The paper plate berry baskets were so easy to make and so fun. Their colorful images landed in the Germany magazine, Couch. Hurray!! • Near the end of the year, I enjoyed the wood burning series. The spoons are just as cool as they look in the images and I liked the birch ornaments so much, they hung on our tree.

Favorite Contributor Posts 2013 | this heart of mine

Favorite Business Posts

In the business category, there are two that stick out. • In 2013, I attended two blogging conferences, ALT Summit SLC and Alt Summit NYC. SLC was fabulous and fun and informative (and totally overwhelming) and then I miraculously won a ticket to NYC!! What put NYC over the top was a speech given by Keenan Cummings, which I detailed more thoroughly in this conference recap. Finding one’s place, something I have/am muddling through, really resonated with me and inspired me to really dig my heels in and continue to dream big. • The second is more superficial and cosmetic. The update in my work space was completed and I still smile everyday when I walk in the space. However, it is rarely as clean as it looks in the photos. Haha!

Favorite Business Posts 2013 | this heart of mine

Favorite Personal Posts

And finally, my fave posts with my littles. • Love Bug’s fifth birthday back in June was a lot of fun for me, both as a parent and a creator. Watching my baby revel in the specialness of her day overfilled my heart with joy. The party was made just for her, in her colors, styled with little bits of sparkle just like she likes it and she glowed with happiness. As a creator, it was just fun to make a pretty party. • The yearly photos of the children are always a riot. They behave for a few shots but then the silliness starts. This yearly tradition is one of my favorites. • Even though I struggle in the sewing department, making costumes for my babes is another favorite yearly activity. Making outfits they both like and want to wear, a queen and leaf man, makes my creative mom heart soar.

Favorite Personal Posts 2013 | this heart of mine

I’m excited to see what is to come in 2014!!

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  1. Wow — 248 posts! You’re so prolific! 2013 was my lightest blogging year ever… but I was glad for lots of good blogs to read while I nursed my baby. ;) Thanks for all of the creative ideas and inspiration!

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