Turnabouts by Dawn

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend Dawn Grandstrand makes some fabulous photo charms and donates a portion of each sale to ovarian cancer research (Dawn is in the teal, below, surrounded by her ‘Grand Movers’ team.).

And today, I’m sharing more about those two-sided charms and her charm-making process.

Her charms are constructed in a process akin to stained glass window making (something which Dawn dabbled in a few years ago, even making windows for a new addition on their house).

She begins by scoring the glass to her preferred size with a glass cutter.

Using breaking pliers, Dawn breaks the glass along her scored line.

All cut and set for the next step.

Then, a little grinding with the glass grinder to smooth out the edges.

A pretty little stack of pairs.

Next up, the images, all taken by Dawn herself (she is also the one who took these pictures earlier this summer). She prints her charm pictures in bulk and cuts them apart.

The parts are stacked together: glass, photo, photo, glass.

Each stack is wrapped in copper foil.

A little flux before the soldering to help create stronger bond.

Wrapped and ready to go.

Some soldering action.

And, finally, the jump ring is soldered.

Ready for wearing!

Very cool, huh?!

Well, you can get them too.

Lots of options and they are the perfect gift for just about everyone (even yourself!). As you’ve see, Dawn makes each and every one with care and precision so you are purchasing a quality item. There is even an option to personalize the charm. Fill it with a favorite picture of family, friends or just a beautiful shot. I’ve seen a couple of the personalized ones she’s done and they are really cool.

And I don’t think I could choose just one favorite; there are so many cool ones. However, I do have a few that really stick out for me. Check out – “believe” (barn with the rainbow), “determination” (bent-over flower), “perspective” (two daisies past their prime) and “survivor” (butterfly on a pink flower).

Check back in later today for a give-away! You won’t want to miss it.

Take care!

-amy c

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Amy Christie

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  • Kathleen Murphy September 13, 2011, 5:18pm

    I can’t decide which one is my favorite as I love them all and have given several as gifts. I gave one to my cousin who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I bought two for gifts for my children’s religion teachers, and one for a friend as a birthday gift. I love them all as there is something for most occasions or circumstances in life!

  • Denise Harinen September 14, 2011, 9:23am

    I have to agree with Kathleen. They are all unique, and each one means something different, depending on your mood for the day. They work well as gifts, as you can choose a phrase that means something special to you or the recipient.

  • Annie Smith September 14, 2011, 4:53pm

    It is hard to pick a favorite one. I love all the Turnabouts Dawn has made. I have given them as gifts to family and friends. They have put smiles on many faces.

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